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After many hours of focused endeavor I have managed to whittle my waiting stumble links to just shy of a hundred. Srsly.

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molded, poured overflowing
crushed glass powder bones,
roped muscle, swollen fists
shaking, indignant at
mute, shadow draped gods
no puppet, no plaything this
no, terribly knowing
pains, perversion, peace
intermittent sleep hazy
white noise nights
surface, drift awake to
realization, pad foot creeping
idols and lovers and
us led astray

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An apology: restrained when caring would cure; oblivious as opportunities to offend grow slick and fat, burst with orphaned words. A shout: warm and wet at the base of the skull, warning: stop being fine, stop getting by, matter, damn you. A sigh: resigned to contend as death settles in the bones and whispers friend. A silence: a godless believer, waiting for something unfathomable to worship, something ungraspable to hold close, something broken to love.

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pleased. eth.

And lo, sephonicus did returneth to his homeland. Entering his abode, he spake. "Foul pants, your yoke shall be upon me no longer!" And thus did he proceed to droppeth trou. And there was much rejoicing.

Then, he did senseth a powerful hunger issuing forth from his stomach. Looking upon the recently purchasethed gummy bears, he saw that they were good, and did eateth them, yellow first but red he did save for last. For it amongst all the gummies did pleaseth him the greatest.

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the answers

What is your favorite thing to do when its raining outside?

I like sitting on the porch and watching, feeling the mist drift over me. Sleeping with the windows open is also nice. Rain doesn't really change what I'm up to much otherwise.

when it comes down to it, what do you really stand for?

Probably to keep my legs from atrophying.

recommend us a book.

Kurt Vonnegut - Cat's Cradle

what's your favorite video game of all-time?

I have never replayed a game as many times nor reaped as much enjoyment as I have from the original Zelda.

recommend us a movie.

How about nine?: Wild at Heart, American Psycho, Goodfellas, Twin Peaks, Rushmore, Cool Hand Luke, The Secret of Nimh, Shaun of the Dead, Donnie Darko.

What ridiculous things did you worry about as a child?

What ridiculous things didn't I worry about?

I thought God was watching me and felt guilty more often than I should have (thanks, religion). I thought I was going to die quite often, or that my parents would. This is not to say that I had an unhappy childhood, just that I was cognizant of death and sickness from an early age (though I was exposed to little).

I also had the standard childhood fears: monsters in the dark, or hiding under the bed. I'd jump several feet away from the bed's perimeter if I had to go to the bathroom in the night, so that I'd be out of reach.

do you believe global warming exists?

The scientific consensus is that, yes, it does. There are some that say it doesn't, and unfortunately in an effort to appear unbiased, media outlets lend equal airtime to these unequally represented viewpoints, giving the illusion of a close race.

The critical issue for me is if tipping points exist. Many constituents of the global system act as buffers: melting ice caps absorb heat, oceans act as carbon sinks, etc. It might be that the reason we've only seen a slight increase in global temperatures is that there are places for the troublesome elements to go. If these places reach saturation, we might see an irreversible temperature shift.

Most people just go with some gut feeling that the world's too big to fuck up. I would start reading some science; turns out the people that spend the majority of their waking hours pondering a subject for years on end typically have a little more idea of what's going on than the average individual getting their info from Fox news.

And I also think that religious sentiments dampen the threat. When you're a kid, if you screw up, your parents come in and make it all better. Eventually you grow up and realize that your parents don't have the power to fix everything. But I think belief in god allows people to feel that no matter how much they fuck up the planet, there's always someone present to step in and save them.

If you had to give up one sense, which would it be and why?

My sense of decency. Bad people seem to have a lot more fun in life.

are you a breakfast person?

I manage to make myself eat in the morning so that my stomach doesn't start consuming nearby organs an hour into the work day. Does this make me a breakfast person, or do you have to actually enjoy breakfasting?

what's the single best giftmas present you ever got?

It wasn't exactly just for me, as at the time my parents didn't have the money to buy something like this for each of their kids, so it was a joint gift: the original NES with The Legend of Zelda.

I think being a kid is probably the biggest factor in this being the best present ever. But fuck, SMB3, Zelda, Ninja Gaiden... I really played the hell out of those games, and still do from time to time

What's your earliest memory?

My earliest memory is actually a dream, which is strange considering how fleeting most are.

I crossed the road outside my house and hid in the ditch from a passing tank. The ditches sides cascaded downward until I was on a ledge halfway down a deep hole. Then I noticed there were snakes on the ledge.

Then I woke up.

I think my memory of this dream has solidified as I've had it a few times since.

2006 is ending. what's on your top ten list for the year?

More tattooage, more sjbrs, getting out of debt, learning Japanese, the piano, picking up my guitar more than once a month, travelling, spending more time with friends, reading more, and rolling up to the club with Saggett.

What was the hardest you've ever laughed, and what was it about?

Once in Japanese class, we were reading about how Mary (one of the books characters, a foreign exchange student) had diarrhea. I think it was the sound of the phrase in Japanese, a language I associate with very proper, ordered conduct, that made it seem totally inappropriate to laugh. So, of course I started to chuckle. Which prompted the person beside me to start as well. And then since we were trying not to make it apparent we were laughing it just fed on itself until it was out of control. Every time I stopped, he broke into it again and that was it. Tears were rolling down my face for around 2 minutes. This whole time I wasn't even really laughing out loud, I was trying to stop what probably more closely resembled convulsions so I could breathe.

There is something about knowing you're not supposed to do something that makes it impossible not to.

what do you want for giftmas?

A Rio Karma mp3 player :)

recommend us an album.

The Faint - Blank Wave Arcade

pc or mac?


if you were an animal, what would you be?

To your question a question: What has the magical properties of both a lion and a tiger?

but that's unpossible
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larry sweeping apparently hilarious
taggin - printing shop behind Domo
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killah keg party @ t&c
shark attack
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dilrod 3
guess I've always been easily amused
party hats
ach, zombie!
us 2, chairs 0
tent pre-party
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i think it's supposed to be spilled milk, but it looked like a test tube to me and i thought of you!

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well, since you're all up in your lady friend's ass these days, maybe you ought to get her this or this for vday.

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Where the Hell are you???? No posts???

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lotto stud, lotto fucking stud!

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we got eleven

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and fuck zelda!

<3 jive

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fuck you and your test tubes

<3 jive

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